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Optimising Sleep to Live Better

Sleep Universal is a collaboration between world renowned academics with industry knowledge. We provide scientific research support focussing on sleep, sleep medicine and circadian processes (biological processes which take approximately 24 hours). Our research consultancy services are designed for organisations; our bespoke sleep/circadian science education for corporate training; and our Sleep Optimisation Training for individuals wishing to optimise their sleep.

Sleep Universal aims to close the knowledge gap regarding sleep and circadian rhythms, by educating others, developing research proposals and conducting further research in sleep/circadian rhythms in multiple populations across the lifespan. 


Our Services


Utilising our extensive expertise in sleep/circadian processes, we offer clients support in protocol development; assessment of sleep/circadian disorders; measurement and interpretation of subjective and objective sleep and circadian methods; data analysis; and bespoke scientific consultancy as suits your organisation's needs.


To find out more about our research consultancy services, please click below.


We communicate our >20 years of experience and knowledge of sleep and circadian science for TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, and online blogs / interviews / webinars.


To find out more about booking us for your media content, please click below.


We provide tailored talks and workshops on sleep and circadian science / therapeutics, both online and in-person, to ensure that your employees/students are getting the sleep needed for their optimum health and performance, and for your business to thrive.

 To find out more about booking us for corporate training, please click below.


Our aim is to support individuals in making positive changes to their behaviour, lifestyle and ways of thinking to promote healthy sleep, which in turn optimises health, performance and productivity. We provide an educational package for individuals wishing to optimise their sleep, based on evidence-based techniques for sleep and circadian disorders. Our Sleep Optimisation Training is designed for individuals from non-clinical populations. Contact us to find out if you are eligible. 

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