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Partnership with Mammoth

Sleep Universal are delighted to have partnered with Mammoth as Sleep Scientist and Ambassador.

Mammoth – A Healthy Choice

Mammoth is an award-winning health and wellbeing brand that is leading the way in the sleep and comfort space. Mammoth's mattress and pillow collections are scientifically tested and shown to improve sleep, helping people to wake up feeling refreshed, full of energy and ready to take on the day ahead.

As official partners with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and a host of sporting organisations including the Rugby Players Association and British Athletes Commission, Mammoth is trusted by those who understand the importance of rest and recovery.

Mammoth has pioneered the use of Medical Grade foam – a genuinely superior material to any other comfort technology on the market today. Originally developed in healthcare to reduce pain and accelerate recovery for patients, Mammoth has evolved this material and utilised it in products that everyone can benefit from.

Independent testing has shown that Medical Grade foam offers 46% greater pressure relief and 69% faster cooling than standard memory foam.

In a sleep study carried out at Northumbria University's Centre for Sleep Research, participants sleeping on Mammoth mattresses fell asleep 28% quicker, experienced a 7% increase in sleep efficiency and reported a 21% more enjoyable sleep.

Enjoy a 40% discount on the entire Mammoth Perks range by visiting today and applying code UNIVERSAL.

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